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First drop by, literally!


After waiting out the crazy Bangalore rush hour traffic I reached office at around 12. I expected it to be a typical, cold December afternoon but turned out, it wasn’t. As soon as I entered the office, I saw that Jake and Manohar were busy talking to a person dressed in all formals. Thinking that it must be someone from some bank waiting for Bhavin to show up, I just headed towards my chair. Incidentally, this person was the unusual thing for the day!

So, turns out the guy they were talking to was Chetan. He had checked out our website and was interested in learning more about us - how we work, what we do etc. Since he was in the vicinity and we said it was OK, he had just walked into our office. Jake and Manohar were showing him around and talking about MavenHive.

As soon as I got to know about this, I was super happy about two things - The more obvious one was that someone found our website and blogs interesting enough to actually drop by and check us out!

@chetan_kothari himself turned out to be an interesting person and we had a great conversation.

So, the next time you are in the area and want to say “Hi” just drop by our office. We would love to have you over. Though, make sure it is after 11 am so that there are more people in the office - unless you can entertain yourself with the piano.

UPDATE[02-01-2015]: Oh, it turns out that we offered him, of course after few gruelling rounds of interview. UPDATE[03-01-2015]: Yay! Chetan accepted the offer:)