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April BRUG

Ruby Monthly Meetup


This edition of BRUG started with Yuva from Codemancers Technologies speaking about style guide for HTML and CSS. He gathered feedback on https://github.com/code-mancers/hctbox.

The topic later switched to an impromptu discussion about code structuring HTML and CSS for ‘Responsive Design’. This led to further discussions on pros & cons of various approaches at AngularJS + Rails architectures. There was also some talk about React JS and how that played out with MVC and responsive design.

Later Karthik spoke about the CSV import gem that he is working on, called BINGE. One of the key goals achieved by the gem is better error reporting (Specifically validation) and many more features are in the pipeline.

At last we finished the meetup with a small simple quiz. Which turned out to be too simple, I guess ;-)