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MavenHive combines the flexibility of freelancing with the support of a close-knit team. Our employees decide where, when and how much they work. And in so doing, deliver far more for our clients than what would be thought possible. Not convinced? Talk to us. :)

What is awesome software?

We deliver highly scalable web applications, systems integrations, product MVPs and APIs to product companies that love working lean & going fast.

We hit the sweet spot where the 3 overlapping, yet conflicting concerns - business objectives, technology & the process - are balanced to ensure high quality, consistent and fast software delivery.

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From global brands to ambitious startups, we deliver solid, creative,
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Client Testimonials

Mavenhive Testimonials - Grasshopper

Watch the Grasshopper team share how MavenHive helped them build and launch the international version of their core telephony product.

I have worked with MavenHive for several months now and have recently started a second project with them. They have been very efficient and quick to respond to ever changing business requirements. They have taken keen interest in understanding features and have offered valuable advice about interaction design. Their experience in building tools for the Non-profit organisations in the past is evident in how they employ a build vs buy strategy. Overall, a well oiled and reliable product development team that has delivered consistently despite operating in a remote work mode.

Abe Rafi Director, Digital Strategy & Online Services, The Arc

Bhavin and team are outstanding, blending technical expertise, project management and long term view of code and projects.

David Hauser Co-Founder, Grasshopper

Bhavin, the co-founder at MavenHive is a solid growth engineer. He has all the technical chops that any technical team can make use of. Added to that is his tremendous understanding of business models. I have been lucky to work with Bhavin and Mavenhive and will love to work with him again.

Anupam Kundu Co-Founder, Barkloudly.com

I have worked with MavenHive for more than 2 years now. They are thorough professionals, and the quality of work is top class. MavenHive team worked very well in a distributed setting like ours, and have the knack of rolling out solutions quickly. I am very happy for this association. Looking forward to seeing them grow and be successful​.

Subramanian Viswanathan Senior Institution Builder, Ashoka

I have enjoyed working closely with the MavenHive team across the past year building our online community platform. They have been incredibly responsive to our requests and helped us design and build a truly high-quality site. They are among the most flexible and creative technology consultants that I have ever had the pleasure to call a partner.

Alan Landis EVP Strategic Partnerships, Ashoka

Bhavin and Ananda were involved as consultants in re-building some of the Supply Chain services at Flipkart. They bring deep technical expertise, strong software engineering skills and a high degree of ownership. Would recommend them highly.

Yogi Kulkarni Principal Architect, Flipkart

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